Why Peyton should go to Arizona

Peyton seems to be most interested in Miami, Denver, and Arizona. He’s been to Miami and seen what they have, and is still looking for more. Maybe they have it in Denver, but I don’t see his agents pushing him there, and I don’t see him winning a Superbowl there. I’m not saying there’s a sibling rivalry, but there’s a sibling rivalry and now that Eli has two, Peyton certainly wants a second. Arizona is the best place for him, and not just because its a dry heat.

Larry Fitzgerald has been waiting for someone accurate, and that’s what Peyton is. How many times have you seen him beat double coverage just to get overthrown? He’s undeniably got the skills, and he’ll stay WR1.

Reggie Wayne comes along with Peyton, and he lines up across from Fitz. Peyton and Reggie basically run the Indianapolis offense, with Larry going deep every play.

Todd Heap stays on as Arizona’s TE, and with or without Dallas Clark, Peyton has a great option if defenses get through Arizona’s O-line. Which, last year, they did–and Peyton certainly doesn’t want to get hit. But there are a few free agents that Arizona could pick up, some rookies they could draft, and other moves they could make to improve their O-line. I won’t get into here, Kevin Meeker does a great job of it at the Bleacher Report.

Peyton needs a team that he can win a championship with, and that team is the Arizona Cardinals. 


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